The legal field is competitive and it won't be changing anytime soon.

But at least for now, there's an easier way to gain that competitive edge.

Unlike other legal internships, our students don't just focus on one sector of law, nor do we ask our students to simply fetch us coffees and scan our documents.

We invite distinguished lawyers from 16+ legal sectors to provide our interns with insights into their practice area, equipping our aspiring lawyers with the knowledge they need to decide their future expertise.

We are also joined by award-winning career coaches and legal recruiters who teach our interns the development strategies they need to achieve their dream legal careers.

Simply put, you're at the best place to LawyerUp.

Are you ready to LawyerUp?

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LawyerUp provided me with so much insight into how the legal field works, especially as a United Kingdom student looking to qualify in the United States. Within just a week, I've already been exposed to so many areas of law -- some that I did not even know existed. As an intern, I also had my resume and LinkedIn optimized for recruiters and expanded my network exponentially.

Rhea Kamath (LawyerUp '20)

Pessimism once defined my perspective on law, but LawyerUp helped reverse my entire viewpoint back into passionate optimism. Writing weekly articles for ScholarUp has been a great exercise in critically thinking about various legal topics. Connecting with lawyers from a vast array of different sectors through LawyerUp yielded valuable insights into my future profession. This incredible international internship changed my life for the better. So I can definitely say: I got out what I put in.

Adsser Abuede (LawyerUp/ScholarUp '20)

LawyerUp turned what I thought we would be a hopeless time duirng CoVID-19 into a hopeful one. I am so grateful to the Lawyerup team because this program has opened up my mind to so many different sectors of law, but what I love the most is that it's given me more networking opportunities than I could've ever imagined. I am so thankful for the lessons I learned.

Cassidi Mignuolo (LawyerUp '20)

Being able to hear from so many motivated lawyers about the realities of law alongside so many future lawyers has given me this new drive to better myself in all aspects. LawyerUp has given me a new burst of knowledge and I didn't even have to leave my home to receive that! It was reallt impactful and I am thankful to the program for what I've learned.

Galila Assefa (LawyerUp '20)

LawyerUp and ScholarUp have given me the opportunity to interact with like minded individuals and attorneys on a personal level. I have received tips on how to write better, connect with attorneys, and improve my writing. This internship has provided me with more than I could have ever imagined!

Zaquariya Patterson (LawyerUp/ScholarUp '20)

LawyerUp is an amazing program that provides aspiring lawyers with the knowledge they need from working lawyers and professionals in the field. We are able to learn from a diverse group of people that have gone through many struggles and achieved great things throughout their career. It provides us with the unique insight into what being a lawyer in today's world is like.

Daisy Garcia (LawyerUp '20)

LawyerUp has been such an incredible experience. In a time of such uncertainty, its provided a great community for learning and asking questions about every field of law! The internship has also allowed me to grow my network, both from other members and through the professionals we talk to every week. My knowledge of the legal field has grown exponentially!

Nicolas Armenta (LawyerUp '20)

At the start of the CoVID-19 lockdown, I felt lost. It seemed as if I had no purpose. However, this internship gave me something to look forward to. Furthermore, the fact that it is a virtual internship made it accessible for anyone around the globe, including myself in the UK. LawyerUp gave me the opportunity to learn about several different areas of law - both broad and niche areas.

Karishma Khosla (LawyerUp '20)

Coming across LawyerUp was the best thing that has happened to me during this pandemic. The exposure and insight I have received from each speaker during our zoom calls has really helped inform my decision with law school. Whether I go to law school or not, the people I’ve met and the knowledge everyone has shared will stay with me forever!

Hesham Akhoon (LawyerUp '20)

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With our basic package, you can learn more about whether the legal field is the right field for you. And if not, no fret! You'll also learn strategies to help you find the right career.